Mailjet Markup Language

The only framework that makes responsive email easy

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MJML?

MJML (Mailjet Markup Language) is an open-source markup language specifically designed for creating responsive email templates. It is developed by Mailjet.

What syntax does MJML use?

MJML uses a simplified syntax that abstracts away some of the complexities of coding HTML emails.

Does MJML support component-based development?

Yes, MJML promotes a component-based approach to email template development, allowing developers to easily customize and combine predefined components.

Is MJML compatible with different email clients?

Yes, MJML generates HTML email templates that are compatible with various email clients and platforms.

What integration options are available for MJML?

MJML integrates with popular development tools and frameworks and provides a command-line interface (CLI) for compiling MJML code into HTML.

What technology was used to build the MJML engine?

The MJML engine was built in React.js for its high composability and the way it handles components.

Is the MJML engine open-source?

Yes, the MJML engine is an open-source framework, and the code behind it is available on GitHub (

What contributions are welcomed in the MJML engine and its components?

The MJML community welcomes contributions to the engine and its components, so feel free to get involved and share your ideas and improvements.