Markdown with JSX

Markdown for the component era

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MDX?

MDX is a file format that combines Markdown syntax with JSX (JavaScript XML) syntax, allowing you to write interactive and dynamic components within Markdown files.

Can I use React components in MDX files?

Yes, one of the key advantages of MDX is that it allows you to embed and use React components directly in your Markdown files.

How do I render MDX files in my React application?

To render MDX files in a React application, you can use the @mdx-js/react package along with a renderer component, such as MDXProvider, to process and display the MDX content.

Can I import other Markdown files into an MDX file?

Yes, you can import other Markdown files into an MDX file using the import syntax. This allows you to modularize your content and reuse Markdown files across different MDX files.

How do I style MDX components?

MDX components can be styled using CSS-in-JS libraries like styled-components or Emotion. You can apply custom styles to MDX components by wrapping them with styled components or using inline styles.

Can I use syntax highlighting in MDX?

Yes, you can apply syntax highlighting to code blocks in MDX by using popular libraries like Prism.js or React Syntax Highlighter. These libraries provide support for various programming languages and allow you to customize the appearance of code blocks.

Can I use MDX with static site generators like Gatsby or Next.js?

Absolutely! MDX is commonly used with static site generators. Gatsby and Next.js both have built-in support for MDX, making it easy to create dynamic and interactive content within your static site.

Where can I find more resources to learn MDX?

You can find comprehensive documentation and examples on the MDX website ( Additionally, many tutorials, blog posts, and open-source projects are available online that demonstrate various use cases and best practices for MDX.