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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gatsby?

Gatsby is a modern web development framework that enables you to build fast, performant, and highly optimized websites and applications using React and GraphQL.

What are the key features of Gatsby?

Gatsby comes with several powerful features, including static site generation, a plugin ecosystem for extensibility, optimized image loading, intelligent caching, and GraphQL data layer for efficient data fetching and management.

How does Gatsby handle performance?

Gatsby focuses on performance by employing techniques like static site generation, automatic code and data splitting, lazy loading, and smart caching to ensure fast loading times and optimal performance.

Can I use Gatsby with existing websites?

Yes, Gatsby can be used to enhance existing websites. It allows you to integrate Gatsby incrementally into your existing codebase, enabling you to leverage its performance optimizations and other features while preserving your current functionality.

Does Gatsby support server-side rendering?

Yes, Gatsby supports server-side rendering (SSR) through its Node.js-based build process. It generates static HTML pages at build time and can also dynamically fetch data from external APIs during the build process.

Can I use Gatsby with a headless CMS?

Yes, Gatsby has built-in support for various headless CMS platforms like Contentful, Sanity, and WordPress. You can use Gatsby's source plugins to pull data from these CMSs and build your website or application with Gatsby's frontend framework.

What is the Gatsby plugin ecosystem?

Gatsby has a rich plugin ecosystem that allows you to extend its functionality. Plugins can be used for tasks such as sourcing data, optimizing images, adding analytics, and integrating with third-party services. You can choose from a wide range of official and community plugins.

Is Gatsby suitable for e-commerce websites?

Yes, Gatsby can be used to build e-commerce websites. You can integrate Gatsby with e-commerce platforms or utilize headless CMS solutions and leverage Gatsby's performance optimizations and flexibility to create fast and feature-rich online stores.

How can I deploy Gatsby sites?

Gatsby sites can be deployed to various hosting platforms and services, including Netlify, AWS Amplify, Vercel, and GitHub Pages. Gatsby generates a static build that can be easily deployed as static files to a CDN or hosting provider.

Where can I find Gatsby documentation and resources?

You can find comprehensive documentation, tutorials, and other helpful resources on the Gatsby website ( The website provides guides, API references, and examples to help you get started and explore Gatsby's capabilities.